Ishtikhara is one of the best practices of the muslim astrology. Ishtikhara is performed with the purpose of the communication between you and the Allah. By performing the ishtikhara it provides you with the effective solution for all of your problems and confusion. It helps to deal with any kind of the issue that are arising in your life. With the help of the ishtikhara one can able to get the solution and know how to resolve all the issues of loving relationship. If you are also looking for perform ishikhara to get married with lover then avail our effective services.

There are several couples who take help of the ishtikhara to get married with the desired partner. It is the silent prayer between you and the almighty for something with all your heart & seeks the guidance about the whether you should move ahead or quit immediately. So at that you need to perform the istikhara for love marriage. You can also do wazifa for love.

All you need to do is that have faith in the practice of the istikhara and perform it with the clean heart and pure intentions. There are several issues due to which parents do not allow you to get married with your desired choice if you are also one of them then consult our vashikaran specialist and get the solution by performing the ishtikhara.

How to do Istikhara for Love marriage

Below mention are some of the steps to perform the istikhara for love marriage:

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Recite two rakat nafil namaz
  • Then pray to Allah Talah about your marriage and that you seek His help to find out whether your partner is the right one for you or not.
  • Make Fateha to give benefits to Prophet Muhammad.
  • Then recite this dua “Ya Hameedu Ya Hamde Wal Tahmatta Bil Hamdu Fi Hamde Ya Hamdika Haamid”
  • Then say these lines “Yaa Majeeta Maajedu Bil Mejdee Majdu Wal Fi Majeede Ya Majeed”
  • Now say the name of the boy/ girl along with his/ her mother’s name.

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Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara

Marriage is best ever relation of people lives, all want to spend rest of life with the one who makes them feel happy and alive.  But not all people can make this possible cause of society and parents non-consent.  If you are the one want to get love marriage then here is Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara.

Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara is one the best Islamic techniques that are basically used for resolve issues of the people and bring peace in their life over again.  So if you really want to get love marriage with your desired one want to make your rest of married life happier and healthier than you should take help of the Muslim astrologer.   

They will recommend you powerful and strong Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara that will help you to consent your parents from your love marriage decision and help you to make your love marriage work optimally.  As per opinion take instant take help of a specialist and enjoy your married life as you speculate of it.

Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Ishtikhara to work love marriage well

There are lots of the couples who can work with peace and affection while another one is not. That difference occurs in married couples just because of having a bad impact on the evil spirit or lacking understanding. If you are the one going through ups and downs in marriage life want to keep secure and healthier your marriage then you should take help of the Muslim specialist. They will suggest you powerful Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara to make your married life healthier and conflict-free  by using amal for love marriage.

After taking avail of the Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Istikhara conflict, crisis and hassles will get out from your married life like miracles along with harmony and affection will rekindle in your married life over again.

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Shohar Ka Pyar Pane Ka Ishtikhara is offered for that woman, whose Shohar are not more in love with them, but she still struggles to get him love back as before.

Ishtikhara is the technique which is used for resolving issues of human beings, no matter, through which people are going and how much tricky is it because it can resolve all issues which seem impossible.

If you are such a lady, who’s Shohar (Husband) is not in love with you anymore, but you still looking ways to make him in love with you over again then you must use Ishtikhara to make your Shohar in love with you.  So let’s take help of Muslim astrology specialist. They’ll recommend you powerful and strong Ishtikhara by which your Shohar will pull towards you and fall in love with you over again forever.

Ishtikhara to keep love alive in a marriage

Marriage is the relations who go through many waxes and wanes, this is the reason, sometimes couple can’t handle that issue and they blame each other, therefore love to get banish from their life. There are lots of people whose marriage go through many complication and hassles but the sake of having a good understanding, both can survive.   But what about those people, who wants to survive their marriage, but don’t know where they have to put efforts.  If you are in this complication then you have to consult Muslim astrologer.  They will recommend you powerful Ishtikhara to keep love alive in a marriage. Whenever you will take help of it, gradually your marriage will work optimally and healthier along with harmony, love and affection will rekindle in your marriage forever. So instantly consult with a specialist and enjoy your married life as you want.


Everyone who is married or going to get married wants to make their married life beautiful but is it really that much easy to make marriage life beautiful then no, it’s not as much easier as what you think so now the thing is that how to make marriage memorable? So the simple answer to this Question is Muslim Astrology, there are various of tactics are defined in astrology by the help of which you can easily make solve your problems and can get know that  how to solve your problems. Marriage is one of the most delicate kind of relationship which is really very frigate to handle because here not only husband wife are indulge even the two whole families are added and reason of that everything which is happening in between husband wife is directly reflects to family and children, that’s why it’s our advice to the people that try to live happy every time so by that your whole family can live happily.  If you are the couple whose married life is in the problem and you wants to make solve it and wants to live happily then take help of our astrologer Moulana Ji and make your marriage life back on track.

Istikhara to make marriage life happier and beautiful

Istikhara is a one of a perfect remedies of Muslim astrology which is mostly preferred by the Muslim people and astrologer for solving any type of problems of human life. When you use this mantra for solving your love life issues and for making it happier and beautiful then it will gonna make you wonder by its result so what are you waiting for just take help of Istikhara to make marriage life happier and beautiful. And make help yourselves and see how effectively your married life will get change.


Marriage is a relationship between two individuals who are just unknown before some time but now they have come to share their life with each other and as everyone knows that there are very few of people in the world who got the same nature partner, mostly the thing which makes relationship perfect is compromises and acceptance of partner’s different nature. And when the couple fails to make this thing complete then problems and conflicts happen in between them and resolving these all is become harder for people, so for those all we want to recommend to Resolving Marital Crises and Avoiding Conflict by using Istikhara. Istikhara is a perfect way to solve the problems; it’s a tactic of Muslim astrology which is uses for offering prayer to Allah, and when you make some genuine and true prayer to Allah then they will never ever gonna to make refuse your desires. And this is the reason we recommend you to use istikhara for resolving conflicts and issues in marital life. If you are going through any kind of this situation then never ever make delay because a little delay can change everything, so before it get late take help of istikhara and solve your problems.


Istikhara for resolving divorce and separation

When to continue problems arises in between husband wife and couple make delay resolve it then when these problems convert into big one then even they also don’t know that why these all are happing but behind these all happing cause of their own mistakes. So if you are also the one who is going to this situation then before it gets delay take help of Istikhara for resolving divorce and separation. If you don’t have knowledge then you can make consult to our astrologer he will gonna make help you to resolve the conflicts.