It is said that marriage is actually a partnership. To maintain this relationship, love, respect and equality are necessary as well as forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness means that if you have made a mistake, then correct it. Make your partner feel how special you are to them. Explain their mistakes and accept your mistakes and apologize. Apologizing is no small, but it shows how much you care about this relationship. We are telling you some unique ways that can make your apology special.

write poetry for partner

Many times you must have heard that it is better to write it than to speak about the heart. So you can write this trick in your apology name. Write a poem for your partner. Express your feelings through poetry. Make them feel special. Your poetry will definitely reach your partner. If you are not getting the solution then consult muslim astrologer in india.

plan a surprise

Surprise can be anything. Small things can make your partner happy. You can also please your partner by cleaning the house, cooking or making special dishes. You can gift them any dress or favorite thing. You can go to the restaurant. This will also make your partner happy.

write secret message

This trick is very useful. Write a secret message on a piece of paper. Speak your heart in clear words. You can keep these notes near their pillow or in the bathroom when they go to brush or in the kitchen or on the dining table. This special note will make your day special too by availing kala jadu mantra for love.

Partner can be happy with food

You can prepare and feed your favorite food to please your husband. But husbands can also adopt this trick to make their wives happy. Cook food for your partner and feed it with your own hands, then see how the displeasure goes away.

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