If your husband does not listen to you and follows his own wish, which is affecting your family badly, then we have brought the taweej to control your husband and the way to control your husband. It is also called dua to make husband on your side.

Every woman wishes that after marriage she will get a very loving husband. For this, she prays to Allah, fasts in Ramadan and also offers prayers for the five times. All these prayers of the woman are also accepted and she also gets married in a very good house. After marriage, there is a lot of love in husband wife using amal for love marriage.

But many times this love does not last long and after a few days, the rift starts between husband wife. It seems as if someone has caught sight of husband wife. At such times, women should adopt some such methods by which they can control their husband. For this, the wife can use the taweej to get her husband on the bus.

It is very easy to make amulet to do husband on the bus. To make it, you have to take a black pen, an apple, seven cloves and seven rice grains. After this, write your name on the side of the apple and the name of your husband on the other side.

Now you have to take seven cloves for the talisman to put your husband on the bus and put them in the apple at the place named after you. After this, put seven grains of rice on the other side where you have written the name of your husband. Now read bismillah sharif.

After this, feed this apple to your husband on any pretext for the talisman to get the husband on the bus. Before feeding apples, take out cloves and rice and put them in a plant. Your husband will be completely under your control by using the amulet to make your husband in the bus.

Taweez to control husband

The amulet to control the husband given by us is very effective. You can use this amulet any day of the week. If any mother-sister has any doubt in making amulet to control husband, she can contact us.

Apart from this, you can also get muslim astrologer in india help to  control the husband. After using this amulet, a woman can have complete control over her husband. Along with using the amulet to control the husband, you also have to pray to Allah that your relationship should be safe and there should never be any kind of harm in this relationship.

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