If your husband does not listen to you and follows his own wish, which is affecting your family badly, then we have brought the taweej to control your husband and the way to control your husband. It is also called dua to make husband on your side.

Every woman wishes that after marriage she will get a very loving husband. For this, she prays to Allah, fasts in Ramadan and also offers prayers for the five times. All these prayers of the woman are also accepted and she also gets married in a very good house. After marriage, there is a lot of love in husband wife using amal for love marriage.

But many times this love does not last long and after a few days, the rift starts between husband wife. It seems as if someone has caught sight of husband wife. At such times, women should adopt some such methods by which they can control their husband. For this, the wife can use the taweej to get her husband on the bus.

It is very easy to make amulet to do husband on the bus. To make it, you have to take a black pen, an apple, seven cloves and seven rice grains. After this, write your name on the side of the apple and the name of your husband on the other side.

Now you have to take seven cloves for the talisman to put your husband on the bus and put them in the apple at the place named after you. After this, put seven grains of rice on the other side where you have written the name of your husband. Now read bismillah sharif.

After this, feed this apple to your husband on any pretext for the talisman to get the husband on the bus. Before feeding apples, take out cloves and rice and put them in a plant. Your husband will be completely under your control by using the amulet to make your husband in the bus.

Taweez to control husband

The amulet to control the husband given by us is very effective. You can use this amulet any day of the week. If any mother-sister has any doubt in making amulet to control husband, she can contact us.

Apart from this, you can also get muslim astrologer in india help to  control the husband. After using this amulet, a woman can have complete control over her husband. Along with using the amulet to control the husband, you also have to pray to Allah that your relationship should be safe and there should never be any kind of harm in this relationship.

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Shohar Ki Beshumar Mohabbat Pane Ki Dua is provided by our famous Muslim astrologer. This Dua tactic is used by that woman, who really has a love for their Shohar and can’t imagine their life without them.  This technique is very powerful as well as strong; this provides consequence in short period of times.  If you are such a lady whose husband (Shohar) isn’t more in love with you then you need to take help Our Moulana ji.  They will recommend you powerful and suitable Dua by which your Shohar will attract towards you and gradually fall in love with you over again; in fact, they can’t imagine their life without you. So if you indeed want to make fall your Shohar in love with you then you need to take help, Dua.

Shohar KO Kabu me Karne ki Dua

Often, over a time of a relation, couple can’t make time together for this reason; they get out of control and love easily, in fact, they doesn’t care for their spouse, no matter how much lovely time they spend together because they usually start to spend their huge of times with their works.  If you are such a lady whose husband get out of love and your control then you need to take help of Moulana ji, they will suggest you appropriate remedies to Shohar KO Kabu me Karne ki Dua. Dua is the tactics, which is often used for resolving issues of the human being and get a favorable result to the people. So whenever you will take help of Dua, all issues will get banish from your life as well you desire will be fulfilled soon. So you need to make a consult with astrology specialist so that they will suggest you appropriate Dua and get control on your Shohar.




Are you the one who is fall in love with someone or having feeling for someone and wants to get the same feeling from the front one? Then it totally depends on your destiny because everyone has the right to choose their own partner so maybe your front one can be interested in you or maybe they are interested in someone else. So in that situation we suggest you to use Quranic dua for making someone fall in love with you because when you or any of human being loves someone then they want to get their desired one in their life at any cost but everyone is not that much luckier so what they wish they get. If you also belong to this category then you should take help of Quranic dua, in this situation nothing is a better option than Quranic Dua for you because when you fall in love with someone then making force them to love you is not a right way so instead of making force someone to love you, you should keep use of Dua, Dua is way to offer prayer to Allah when you make prayer to Allah to getting your desired one with true intentions then it will defiantly get fulfill by Allah.

Quranic Dua to make your desired girl towards you

Falling in love with someone is really the easiest thing but making someone fall in love is not the easiest thing to do. And if you are a guy then it is really a typical thing because for once boys can fall in love with any girl but girls never do this they have their own mindset for their loved one and if you don’t match that level then there is no option of your success. So now the thing is that what to do to make her fall in love in love with you? So the simple answer is Use Quranic Dua to make your desired girl towards you.