Everyone in life wants his girlfriend to love him a lot. But due to some reasons, there is a rift in the love relationship. So today we are going to tell you tricks to subdue your girlfriend. So that sweetness will remain in your love affairs. Below mentioned are some of the remedies of kala jadu for love and these are beneficial.

1. To control your girlfriend, take five cloves, five cardamom and five camphor. Chant all of them in a red cloth and chant. After that, it has to be burnt in fire with mango sticks.

2. You have to do this trick on Thursday, on Thursday, you have to take a photo of your girlfriend and write the name of the girlfriend in it. He has to place it under the idol of God in the temple and do it daily for 21 days.

3. To subdue the girlfriend, take the clothes worn by the girlfriend and burn those clothes. Take its ashes and put it at the crossroads. This will control your girlfriend. But keep in mind that no one should know about this.

4. To control your girlfriend, take five cloves and put them in a paper. Take a lamp and light a lamp with mustard oil. Burn that lamp on paper. This remedy has to be done on Tuesday. Throw this paper away the next day.

5. Take two cardamom to control the girlfriend and keep it under your pillow for 21 days. After 21 days, feed cardamom to your girlfriend and it will definitely get its effect.

6. To control your girlfriend, do this remedy on the day of Holika Dahan. At which time the Holika is lit. Put your girlfriend’s name in a paper and put it in the fire of Holika, your girlfriend will be in your control.

7. To tame the girlfriend you can consult muslim astrologer also, you should bring a gift for the girlfriend and bring it to your house on Saturday. Put a sandalwood wood on that gift. Apply turmeric and kumkum vaccine. This gift has to be placed in a place where no one can touch it. Give the gift to your girlfriend the next day.

8. To control your girlfriend, take five grains of garlic and make a garland by adding them to a black thread with a needle. On Thursday, put this garland under the Neem tree. Have to take your girlfriend’s name while keeping. This will control your girlfriend.

9. To control your girlfriend, buy a ring and chant the mantra with it in your hand for a week. Then you will wear this ring to your girlfriend on the full moon day, then the girlfriend will be in your control

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