When you get married, you are responsible for yourself as well as your partner. You have to take care of them, take care of them, take care of their needs, take care of their likes and dislikes etc. Many people give gifts to their wives and think that they win their hearts, and are good husbands in their eyes. But it is not so, for this you have to take care of other things. So let’s know about them.

Honesty Is Essential

Whatever be the relationship, you should always be honest in it. Similarly, you should also be honest towards your wife. Never deceive them nor ever lie to them. If you have made any mistake knowingly or unknowingly, then you should tell this to your wife. By doing this their trust in you will increase and there will be honesty in your relationship and if you want to eliminate marriage issues then avail amal for love marriage.

Avoid Showing Off

Some people have a habit in many things that they show off more. For example, if you love your wife less, don’t pretend to love her too much. Wives quickly catch this thing. Wives want their husbands to love them from the bottom of their hearts instead of showing off. That’s why you should avoid showing off.


Every girl wants her husband to love her, understand her heart, etc. But she also wants her husband to respect her. Every person loves his respect. If you are behaving artificially with your partner, then wives understand it very well. That’s why you should respect and respect them.

Sorry If There Is A Mistake

Many people have a habit that they do not apologize even when they have made a mistake. In such a situation, your wife may get angry because of this habit of yours. Many people make mistakes themselves and then pass the responsibility on their wives, which is completely wrong. So if you have made a mistake, you should apologise or consult famous muslim astrologer to deal with issues.

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