Husband Wife problem solution


When you get married, you are responsible for yourself as well as your partner. You have to take care of them, take care of them, take care of their needs, take care of their likes and dislikes etc. Many people give gifts to their wives and think that they win their hearts, and are good husbands in their eyes. But it is not so, for this you have to take care of other things. So let’s know about them.

Honesty Is Essential

Whatever be the relationship, you should always be honest in it. Similarly, you should also be honest towards your wife. Never deceive them nor ever lie to them. If you have made any mistake knowingly or unknowingly, then you should tell this to your wife. By doing this their trust in you will increase and there will be honesty in your relationship and if you want to eliminate marriage issues then avail amal for love marriage.

Avoid Showing Off

Some people have a habit in many things that they show off more. For example, if you love your wife less, don’t pretend to love her too much. Wives quickly catch this thing. Wives want their husbands to love them from the bottom of their hearts instead of showing off. That’s why you should avoid showing off.


Every girl wants her husband to love her, understand her heart, etc. But she also wants her husband to respect her. Every person loves his respect. If you are behaving artificially with your partner, then wives understand it very well. That’s why you should respect and respect them.

Sorry If There Is A Mistake

Many people have a habit that they do not apologize even when they have made a mistake. In such a situation, your wife may get angry because of this habit of yours. Many people make mistakes themselves and then pass the responsibility on their wives, which is completely wrong. So if you have made a mistake, you should apologise or consult famous muslim astrologer to deal with issues.


There are lots of the couples who devoid from their partner love cause of having lots of issues this is why, over a time lots of relation broken down. If you are the one looking for Shohar love then you should take help of Shohar ka pyar pane ka Islamic mantra.

Islamic mantra is a powerful and effective way to resolve issues of the married life or other whatever issues people go through with short of the time.  If your Shohar is not paying attention to you, don’t have a feeling for you and don’t career of yours then you should take help of our famous astrology specialist.

Our specialist will understand your problem and whatever thing is going with you and recommend powerful Islamic mantra so that all issues will eliminate from your life along with your life will back on track.  So as per personal opinion, you should take help of astrologer and enjoy your lovely and healthier life as you want.

 Islamic Mantra to keep married life healthier

Marriage is the relations which go through many phases some are bitter or some are sweeter this is why many relations broke down because people can’t deal with issues. However, some of the couples can easily resolve issues and sustain love and harmony alive in a relationship forever.

If you are the one whose married life is not working as initial, harmony and butterfly moment got fizzle then you should take help of Islamic mantra with help of Muslim specialist.

A specialist has great knowledge and skill of many tantra and mantra, which provides effective and favorable result with a short period of time no matter how long and tricky issues are. So as per our personal opinion, you have to consult with a specialist and enjoy your married life as you want.




Shohar Ki Beshumar Mohabbat Pane Ki Dua is provided by our famous Muslim astrologer. This Dua tactic is used by that woman, who really has a love for their Shohar and can’t imagine their life without them.  This technique is very powerful as well as strong; this provides consequence in short period of times.  If you are such a lady whose husband (Shohar) isn’t more in love with you then you need to take help Our Moulana ji.  They will recommend you powerful and suitable Dua by which your Shohar will attract towards you and gradually fall in love with you over again; in fact, they can’t imagine their life without you. So if you indeed want to make fall your Shohar in love with you then you need to take help, Dua.

Shohar KO Kabu me Karne ki Dua

Often, over a time of a relation, couple can’t make time together for this reason; they get out of control and love easily, in fact, they doesn’t care for their spouse, no matter how much lovely time they spend together because they usually start to spend their huge of times with their works.  If you are such a lady whose husband get out of love and your control then you need to take help of Moulana ji, they will suggest you appropriate remedies to Shohar KO Kabu me Karne ki Dua. Dua is the tactics, which is often used for resolving issues of the human being and get a favorable result to the people. So whenever you will take help of Dua, all issues will get banish from your life as well you desire will be fulfilled soon. So you need to make a consult with astrology specialist so that they will suggest you appropriate Dua and get control on your Shohar.



Separation is the devastating thing, however not all times, because sometimes, separation brings couples together forever, this all happens just because of having a good grasp of the couple as well as integrity communication to each other. Well, if you are the one couple whose marriage relation is going out of control and going towards separation then you need to take Ibadat to survive marriage from separation.  Yes, Ibadat have the power to resolve all type of marital issues, no matter, which issues bring your marriage towards separation and why all thing is happing wrong with you because whenever you will make consult with Muslim astrologer. They will suggest you powerful and strong remedies Ibadat, by which all issues will disappear from your marriage as well as happiness and affection will reintroduce in your marriage back by which your marriage will again work optimally.

Ibadat to make marriage optimally work

Making marriage work optimally is not a simple thing because; marriage is the reason which goes through many ups and downs. This is the reason; some of the marriage couple gets separated to each other, can’t survive their relationship.  But if you are the one couple whose marriage is not working well then you need to take help of Ibadat to make marriage optimally work.  As you know Ibadat is a powerful technique of Islamic, which can easily resolve all type of issues in short period of time as well as provide the favorable and fruitful result to the people. So whenever you will take help of Ibadat, all issues and conflict will resolve from your life as well as your marriage will start work optimally. So don’t wait for too much and enjoy your married life with lots of joy and affection.

Over a time of a marriage, something goes wrong, which is not under control of the couple, this is why both get separated from each other. If you are going through is completed situation looking to get back together then take help of Amal to get back together after separation.  Many of the times, Separation bring a new way for a couple to make their marriage work long lasting than before, However, this thing is happens with the only whose couples who have good understanding and faith to each other, indeed want to make their marriage work for long lasting. If you are from that couple, who really want to make your marriage work or get back together, but don’t know a reason to get back together then you need to make a consult with Muslim astrologer. They will recommend you Amal spell by which you both will get back together, no matter how long you both get separated and how was your relationship, because Amal has the power to make all thing possible along provide a favorable and fruitful result. So rapidly consult with astrologer and make your marriage long lasting happier.

Amal to make marriage work optimally

Making a marriage work and long lasting, couples need to keep effective and open communication with their spouse. Most of the couple keeps effective communication along with share all things with their spouse; this is why their marriage work smooth and hassle free. But some of the couples is from those, who aren’t able to make their marriage work, whatever a reason of that.  If you find yourself in this situation then take help of Amal to make marriage work optimally. Amal has the power to make all things possible along with making a marriage work optimally, no matter how much toughest situation is, so just take help of Amal and enjoy your married life with lots of love and happiness.



Make a marriage long lasting happier is not easier as much as couple thing because conflict strives to put happiness out of a relation.  That the reason only a few of couple can keep harmony and affection alive in a marriage and other get separated to each other unwillingly  just because of that Muslim astrologer suggest amal to make marriage life long lasting happier.  You might think that how amal will help to make marriage long lasting happier, Amal is the best tactic which can make the impossible thing into possible within a short period of time.   Whenever you will take help of amal, conflict and discord will disappear from your marriage along with happiness and harmony will stay in your married life for long lasting.

Amal to resolve dispute from marriage

Marriage is an alliance of two people both come with their own dreams and expectation but sometimes both the spouse can’t understand each other perspective and dreams that the reason conflict and dispute arise in a marriage and gradually it increases.  Once a time come in a marriage where couple feels fruitless to survive their marriage from conflict and their marriage goes towards separation.  If you find yourself in this situation and where conflict and discord get out of your marriage but still want to survive your marriage and keep happiness alive then you need to make a consult with Muslim astrologer they will recommend you apt Amal to resolve dispute from marriage.  Amal is the best ancient technique to resolve all type of issues related to marriage.  So rapidly make a consult with an astrology specialist and make your marriage life long lasting happier.



Are you the lady whose husband gets out of love? Do you want to make your husband again in love with you? Do you messed in a relation? If yes and whatever reason of that you can take help of wazifa to make husband again in love with youMost of the time husband gets out of love cause of external affairs and wife busy schedules.  When a wife doesn’t pay attention to them then they strive to get out of a relation. Might be the same thing happened with you, so if you analysis cause of your busy schedules you husband get out of love then you need to pay attention to him, and make a quality time for time, no matter how much you are busy with your work, you need to make time for him.  So that thing will help you to attract your husband towards you but if you seem that you aren’t able to attract toward you then take help of wazifa.  This will possess Mind of your husband and attract towards you, gradually that attraction change into love. So he will rekindle a relation back and he can’t imagine his life without you.

Wazifa to bring love back in a marriage

When couple bond in a marriage relationship they make many commitments from  their spouse, however, they strive to fulfill that, but sometimes unfortunate crisis arise in a relation and they can’t deal with it just because of that love and harmony get out of a marriage, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want affection in their marriage.  If you find yourself in this circumstance, love and affection fade away from your marriage then take help of wazifa to bring love back in a marriage.  Wazifa will bring love and affection back in your marriage like a miracle so rapidly take help of wazifa and enjoy your marriage life with lots of happiness and enthusiasm.






When problems after problems arise in between married couple’s life then somewhere it affects the relationship also. So for all those couples who are facing this problem, we want to suggest taking help of powerful Quranic Wazifa for love between husband and wife. Quranic Wazifa is basically a mantra which is uses for making the wish to Allah. When you use this mantra for solving issues and getting over from married life issues then it will gonna work perfectly for you.  As everyone is aware with that marriage is not a relationship which is easier to handle because there are lots of ups and downs comes in life where some problems are easier to handle and some are really typical to deal with. So in that situation, it is really tough for them to how to deal with the problems and how to make save their married relationship? But if a couple uses Quranic Wazifa then they can easily get over from the problems, Quranic Wazifa is best option to create the magic of love in between you husband-wife when you use this you will get back your married life on the track for once again.

Quranic Wazifa to get back happiness back in married life

Problems are the thing which takes away happiness, love, care, affection everything from married life. And when a couple goes through it they get fed up because no one wants to have problems in their life but what to do is the Question run in their mind? So for those all we want to recommend to take help of Quranic Wazifa to get back happiness back in married life. When you use Quranic Wazifa, your all happiness will come back in your life automatically back. So keep use this mantra and see how effectively it will work for you.



Everyone who is married or going to get married wants to make their married life beautiful but is it really that much easy to make marriage life beautiful then no, it’s not as much easier as what you think so now the thing is that how to make marriage memorable? So the simple answer to this Question is Muslim Astrology, there are various of tactics are defined in astrology by the help of which you can easily make solve your problems and can get know that  how to solve your problems. Marriage is one of the most delicate kind of relationship which is really very frigate to handle because here not only husband wife are indulge even the two whole families are added and reason of that everything which is happening in between husband wife is directly reflects to family and children, that’s why it’s our advice to the people that try to live happy every time so by that your whole family can live happily.  If you are the couple whose married life is in the problem and you wants to make solve it and wants to live happily then take help of our astrologer Moulana Ji and make your marriage life back on track.

Istikhara to make marriage life happier and beautiful

Istikhara is a one of a perfect remedies of Muslim astrology which is mostly preferred by the Muslim people and astrologer for solving any type of problems of human life. When you use this mantra for solving your love life issues and for making it happier and beautiful then it will gonna make you wonder by its result so what are you waiting for just take help of Istikhara to make marriage life happier and beautiful. And make help yourselves and see how effectively your married life will get change.



Are you the one whose marriage life is getting worst day by day? And even you also know that why this all is happing that your marriage life which was going smoother is suddenly become worst like a hell for you? Then you should immediately take action towards it because maybe this all is a happing cause of some negative effect like black magic, so now the thing is that How To Save Marriage Life From Black Magic? It’s really a harder thing to know because black magic is not an easiest thing to understand when once it happens on someone that it makes spoil their life so as the same when it casted over the relations then it make that relation spoil, so it’s our suggestion for all the couple who are facing continued problems in life that don’t take this all lightly because you never know that why sudden these all in happening with you. If you are in that situation then you can make consult to our Moulana Ji who will gonna make help you to solve the problems and help you to save your relationship with your spouse.

Black Magic to Get Back Spark of Love in Marriage Life

When continues issues, problems and conflicts arises in marriage life than love somewhere get disappear from the relationship and reason of that solving problems is become more harder for people because when love is a backbone of relationship and when love itself get vanish then there is no worth of this relationship so that’s the reason in that situation we want to recommend to all the couples to take help of Black Magic to Get Back Spark of Love in Marriage Life. Black magic will help you to get back you marriage life on track and return back all the happiness back you.