Marriage is a relationship between two individuals who are just unknown before some time but now they have come to share their life with each other and as everyone knows that there are very few of people in the world who got the same nature partner, mostly the thing which makes relationship perfect is compromises and acceptance of partner’s different nature. And when the couple fails to make this thing complete then problems and conflicts happen in between them and resolving these all is become harder for people, so for those all we want to recommend to Resolving Marital Crises and Avoiding Conflict by using Istikhara. Istikhara is a perfect way to solve the problems; it’s a tactic of Muslim astrology which is uses for offering prayer to Allah, and when you make some genuine and true prayer to Allah then they will never ever gonna to make refuse your desires. And this is the reason we recommend you to use istikhara for resolving conflicts and issues in marital life. If you are going through any kind of this situation then never ever make delay because a little delay can change everything, so before it get late take help of istikhara and solve your problems.


Istikhara for resolving divorce and separation

When to continue problems arises in between husband wife and couple make delay resolve it then when these problems convert into big one then even they also don’t know that why these all are happing but behind these all happing cause of their own mistakes. So if you are also the one who is going to this situation then before it gets delay take help of Istikhara for resolving divorce and separation. If you don’t have knowledge then you can make consult to our astrologer he will gonna make help you to resolve the conflicts.


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